Here Are Some of the Ways a Driving Record Can Affect Your Life

Here Are Some of the Ways a Driving Record Can Affect Your Life

Each time you are convicted of violating a traffic law, it goes to your driving record. This includes things like drunk driving and speeding, which will remain on your record for about 3 to 10 years. Most people are unaware of how a bad driving record can follow many aspects of their lives. It is not just about insurance rates. It goes beyond that. Take a look at some of the ways that a driving record can hurt you.

Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance companies will look at your driving record when deciding your rates. When you have a poor driving record, it means that you are a riskier driver. That means you will end up paying more in terms of premiums than a driver with a clean driving record. In certain situations, you may even be required to get SR-22 insurance before you are allowed back on the road. Note that even a simple speeding ticket can see your rates going up by 20%.

Life Insurance

Most people get life insurance to safeguard the future of their loved ones. But if you have a bad driving record, it means you are an unsafe driver. Statistically, you are likely to get into a serious accident that can result in death. Because of this, your life insurance premiums are likely to be higher. DUI charges and speeding tickets will see you paying more money than a person with a clean record.

Driving Record

Child Adoption

The whole process of child adoption is often lengthy and rigorous. You can expect a background check to see if you are a good fit. A poor driving record does not exactly bring you in the best light. As much as there is no law that prevents you from adopting if you have violated a traffic law, many adoption agencies have their own policies. They will check your driving record when reviewing your application. This can lead to a lengthy and intensive interview. In some cases, the agency will turn down your application.

Lose Your Voting Privileges

Reckless driving or a DUI charge can be considered a felony if the damage is too severe or leads to death. In most instances, the charge is considered a reckless homicide and can lead to a felony conviction. Convicted felons usually lose a number of rights, including the right to vote. You may also not be allowed to become a firefighter or serve on the jury.

Affects Your Professional Life

If you have been hired as a driver or are looking for a job as one, a bad driving record is likely to affect you. Even if you do not drive often, you will still be considered a high-risk driver. This makes it hard to ensure you when using the company vehicle. As a result, you may not get the job you are looking for, or the company you are working for may let you go. Other careers, such as public officers, pilots, and educators are also keen when it comes to a poor driving record.

You Can Lose Your License

You could also lose your license. This can happen even after two violations, such as speeding or using the phone while driving. The DMV has the right to suspend a license that has accrued more than 11 points. However, if you want to remove points that have been added to your driving record by mistake, you should talk to a lawyer. At times, points can mistakenly be added to your driving record, causing you to lose your license.

It is important to heed traffic laws. Not just because you want to protect your driving record, but for your safety and that of other people on the road. You can avoid all these consequences by being a careful driver.